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With spring approaching, a period conducive to the proliferation of the tiger mosquito, the town of Mont-de-Marsan encourages the inhabitants of Mont-de-Marsan to buy mosquito traps. Each inhabitant who invests in this device will benefit from a reimbursement of fifty euros, provided that he or she has convinced four neighbors to do the same.

Five neighbors within 150 m2

Mosquito traps have an effective range of 30 square meters. A mosquito, on the other hand, moves over 150 square meters. In other words, five traps are needed to cover the area where the mosquito moves.

"The condition for participating in this purchase assistance is that five neighbors must talk to each other, and agree to equip themselves", explains Marie-Christine Bourdieu, assistant in charge of green spaces.

A mosquito trap can be bought for around 150 € in a garden center. To obtain a refund of 50 €, you must apply by clicking on this link. The aid should benefit about a hundred Montois. Depending on the results, the scheme may be extended later. Currently, according to the Regional Health Agency, about fifty communes in the Landes region are affected by the tiger mosquito, representing 40% of the population.


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